We Shine Embroidered Yetişkin Sweatshirt - Mint - Mint - M-l

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Whoever touches these sweatshirts will touch them again!

We added a silky touch to classic sweatshirts! Parents will love these new sweatshirts of Miela with their oversize pattern, ultra softness and minimal style!

This is a “FAMILY” themed product: It can be combined with children's sweatshirts of the same color!

Color Options: Mint (We Shine Embroidered), Lilac Pink (Daisy Embroidered), Gingerbread (Family Embroidered), Deep Indigo(Popcorn Embroidered)

Fabric Content: 48% Modal, 48% Cotton, 4% Elastane

So what is Modal?

Modal fibers are obtained from beech wood and absorb water approximately fifty percent more than cotton. Modal, which we use in our products as a mixture of organic cotton and elastane, has a draped, flexible and soft structure. Since the modal absorbs and traps the dye rapidly during the production phase, it prevents the color of the product from fading or giving out dye. In addition, modal fibers are more resistant to shrinkage and wear than cotton.

Washable at 30 degrees.

Our products are produced in accordance with OEKO-Tex®️ stands.

The images of the product color alternatives may differ from the actual color tones depending on your screen type and color settings.

Stock Code: 249PL03ML
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